Volunteer Opportunities

No experience or prior knowledge is necessary! By participating in PACE activities, you will learn as you help others to learn. If any of the following activities interest you, please contact PACE at PenfieldPACE@rochester.rr.com. Thank you!

Here are some ways to support PACE:

a) Volunteer Coordinator: help find individuals to participate in PACE activities

b) Co-Treasurers (two): Manage PACE finances, Coordinate donations from Penfield PTSA/HSA/PTAs 

c) School reps: Attend your school’s monthly PTSA/HSA/PTA meetings,Become a member of your PTSA/HSA/PTA, Provide PACE support of your PTSA/HSA/PTA, Present and support the PACE advocacy in your school, If K-8, periodically communicate with the Enrichment Specialist 

d) Adult programs: support program content of PACE meetings for parents and/or staff

e) Student programs: support programs for students. For example, fun events built around games, math, creativity, etc.

f) PACE visibility: be on hand to distribute flyers and answer questions at District parent events like curriculum nights, open houses, orientations, etc. You don’t have to go to all of them!! We could use several persons to help with this opportunity.

g) PAB rep: Attend monthly meetings of the Penfield Parents Advisory Board. Coordinate PACE participation in and support of the PAB. 

h) Watch a Penfield Board of Education Meeting: It is NOT necessary to attend the meeting in person. Penfield BOE meetings can be viewed online (streamed live or taped) at http://www.penfield.edu/board_education.cfm?subpage=220412, also on PCTV (Channel 12) or www.PCTV.org. If you would prefer to attend the BOE meeting in person, that is fine, too! Simply watch the board meeting and write up one paragraph summarizing the discussions that took place, and noting any interesting presentations or reports. The BOE meeting schedule is at http://www.penfield.edu/board_education.cfm?subpage=220412 . 

i) New ideas! If you have an idea to support PACE and to advance its advocacy, please contact PenfieldPACE@rochester.rr.com . Thank you!!

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