A Summary of the Penfield PACE Advocacy

posted Feb 24, 2014, 4:43 AM by Sarah Audi   [ updated Mar 12, 2014, 6:18 PM by Dolores Langsenkamp ]
Parents Advocating for Challenge in Education (PACE) is a group of parents who 
support Penfield Schools in meeting all students' need for challenge and 21st 
century skills, and in recognizing and meeting the diverse educational, social 
and emotional needs of students including students who are highly able or gifted 
in one or more areas.

The PACE Vision is for an educational experience that excels at both encouraging 
all students to challenge themselves and at meeting the needs of highly able and 
gifted learners, encouraging all and hindering none in the quest for full 
personal potential.

Gifted Education is an educational SPECIALTY, requiring specialized training 
beyond teacher and administrative training. In NY State, gifted education 
specialists hold the Gifted Education Extension of their teaching certificate. 
Penfield PACE points out this expertise is required in order to follow best 
practices in gifted education. (In other words, any decisions about gifted 
programs need to be informed by this expertise.)

Gifted Education is based on more than 90 years of ongoing scholarly research. 
That research continues to yield knowledge and best practice that is often 
applicable to general education. Penfield PACE supports using the expertise of 
our gifted education specialists (called Enrichment Specialists) for the benefit 
of all learners. In addition to their Gifted Education Certificate Extension, 
Penfield's specialists have extensive additional training and experience in 
practices that benefit not only highly able learners, but all learners, making 
them an EFFICIENT AND VALUABLE RESOURCE for all Penfield teachers and students. 

Accordingly, Penfield PACE supports, as a minimum, Penfield Schools' current 
level of staffing:
A full time gifted education specialist in each elementary school (4)
A full time gifted education specialist in each House of Bay Trail Middle School 

Additionally, Penfield PACE points out that the needs and vulnerabilities of 
highly able learners are not only academic. Other areas of vulnerability and 
need include social, emotional, cognitive, creative and meta cognitive. 
Therefore, it is crucial that we provide specialized support to highly able 
learners in multiple areas of their need, INCLUDING AT THE HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL.

If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to email PenfieldPACE@rochester.rr.com.