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Communicating with the Penfield BOE

Communicating by Phone:
The Penfield Central School District Website lists all board members and their contact information.  You should feel free to contact a board member directly at any time to voice your support of enrichment education.  Click here to reach the board members.

Communicating by Email: 
Board Members have their own individual email.  You should also feel free to contact board members by this method.  Note that Board Members generally share all information with the other Board Members.  So if you write to one Board Member it will be shared with all the other Board Members as well.

Communicating by Letter:
A written letter can also be an effective way to share your questions, thoughts and concerns with the BOE.  You may either submit letters to the members at their home addresses (listed on the website) or by sending to the PCSD District Office.  Like email, all written communication to the Board is shared with the entire Board.

Addressing the BOE during a BOE Meeting:
Attending a Penfield BOE meeting and speaking during the Public Comment period is an excellent way to advocate for students.  It provides an opportunity for citizens to speak and to be seen and heard not just by the Board, but by other community members who watch the BOE meetings.  Please read about the procedure for addressing the BOE at a public meeting here:  If you do address the Board, note that the Board does not engage in conversation with the addressee.  The Board will listen to your comments and will provide a written response at a later date.