Penfield P.A.C.E. works throughout the year to advocate for enrichment opportunities for all students.  One aspect of advocacy is keeping abreast of changes at any level of Penfield Schools administration that may affect access to enrichment for all students. 

Would you like to become involved in advocacy efforts with PACE? 

Consider the following opportunities to advocate for enrichment education:

Communicate to the Penfield Board of Education either via letter, phone call, or addressing the BOE during its public comment period.  For information about how to contact the BOE, please click here: Communicating with the Penfield BOE .  Please let us know if you have any difficulty contacting or communicating with the Board members.

Agree to watch a Penfield Board of Education meeting either in person, on PCTV, or through the website.  Write up a brief summary of the meeting and send along to the Steering Committee.  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at to sign up to watch a Board meeting.  It's that easy.

Attend a Penfield Board of Education Meeting to address the Board during the public comment section.